Meadow Brook hall wedding: Brienne & Brian

7.17.19 - weddings by Kristen Taylor

Brienne and Brian should be models, I'm sure I’m not the first to say this! And they chose one of my favorite venues for their wedding, Meadow Brook Mansion.

It was a perfect day with beautiful sunshine, which was lucky given how much it has rained in June this year. It seemed like everything aligned for this day. When I arrived at the Royal Park Hotel for the getting ready photos, Brienne was perfectly calm and was simply enjoying the company of her many friends surrounding her. After getting into her dress, we all headed over to Meadow Brook.

Their ceremony in the Pegasus Garden was beautiful (I always love the way that the sun in this garden backlights the people as they come down the aisle). The hugs after the ceremony were very sweet, and it’s obvious that Brian’s two kids have really taken to Brienne, and vice versa.

They had a lovely cocktail hour on the back patio, and then an awesome reception under the big tent. It was a smaller wedding than I normally see at Meadow Brook, only 60 guests, and yet somehow they filled the big tent space perfectly without it feeling empty at all. Emerald City Designs did an incredible job on the decor, flowers, and invitations, and the band Cancel Monday kept the dance floor rocking.

The day went so perfectly, which is especially impressive since they planned their wedding in just two months! I’m so happy for this wonderful couple, congrats you two!

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Detroit wedding: Emily & TJ

7.10.19 - weddings by Kristin G.

I truly have so many wonderful things to say about this couple, their families and this absolutely fabulous wedding day! I simply adore Emily and her timeless style. All of her choices throughout the day were so elegant and she compliments TJ beautifully, both inside and out. Many of their guests throughout the day approached my team to share complimentary and kind words and you can tell by the company that this couple keeps that these are genuinely wonderful people.

After a beautiful ceremony at Old St. Mary’s Catholic Church, which included aspects from both family’s customs, we braved the weather and headed to the Detroit Riverfront for portraits. I was relatively obsessed with the clear bubble umbrellas and was thrilled that Emily threw caution into the wind and risked the outdoors. During our shoot, the rain stopped and the clouds parted for a beautifully lit sky and before we knew it, it was time to head back to The Atheneum Suite Hotel for their reception which was decorated beautifully with soft floral arrangments by jen house design.

So many aspects of this part of the day stand out to me, from the unique introduction of the bride+groom to the super heartfelt toasts, but I have to say that this is the first time I ugly cried behind my camera as I watched TJ and his Mom sing to each other with tears in their eyes during the mother/son dance. I wish you both nothing but a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations! xo

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Atwater in the park wedding: Karen & Keith

7.9.19 - weddings by Kristin G.

The weather in the mitten this Spring has been so incredibly rainy that I was SO HAPPY when I woke up on Saturday to a mild+sunny gorgeous June day.

I joined Karen and her bridesmaids as they got ready at her parent’s home, which was the most beautiful space for portraits. I loved that Karen had bought super cute tanks+personalized sweats for her friends, that she knew they’d wear over and over again to wear the morning of the wedding. Then this gorgeous Hayley Paige gown fit Karen’s strong frame beautifully, which made me smile big time as I shot portraits behind the camera.

I love that Karen+Keith truly wanted to showcase their family+friends on their wedding day and there were a lot of smiles as everyone trickled into their ceremony at Atwater In the Park in Grosse Pointe. I loved the way Atwater personalized the space for this couple and you could tell these two felt relaxed and comfortable surrounded by those they love in a place they adore. Plus, who doesn’t love taking home a growler of their favorite brew as their wedding favor? Such a fun idea! I wish a big congrats to this super sweet couple! xo

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Lansing wedding: Jessica & Christian

7.2.19 - weddings by Kristen Taylor

I was super pumped to shoot this wedding because the couple is not only super gorgeous but they’re also super nice and have great attitudes, which came in handy because things definitely did not go their way on their wedding day but they kept the best attitudes about it. Not only did they have a frustrating issue with the church they originally booked causing them to have to change to a different one, but Jess’ hopes for an outdoor sunny wedding fell through as dark storm clouds loomed just before the start of the ceremony.

They started the ceremony 10 minutes early in hopes of getting it in before the rain started, but the sky opened up and started pouring during their ceremony and umbrellas did little to keep anyone dry. It was all quite chaotic, but in my opinion, it was wonderfully unique and beautiful. I loved how the best man held an umbrella above the couple, the guests remained in their wet seats to see the vows rather than taking shelter indoors, and the outpouring of emotion and hugs right after the ceremony was more amazing than usual. And somehow, despite being totally rained on, Jess still looked perfect.

Their officiate orchestrated everything remarkably well and regrouped everyone indoors so they could say all of the things they had hoped to say during their ceremony. It was as if they had two ceremonies, each wonderful in their own way, and definitely memorable. And their reception was awesome as well.

Their venue, Kellogg Hotel & Conference Center provided a white modern blank slate for them to decorate, and decorate they did! The soft tones of the flowers by Michael B. Anthony Floral & Event Design were absolute perfection, matching perfectly to the succulents Jessica and her mother placed themselves. Bella e Dolce did an incredible job with the traditional cake, while Designed by Daddy Custom Cakery created such a cool groom’s cake made into a golf bag (he played golf for the University of Indiana). The evening was filled with beautiful moments, Jess' dad gave an adorable toast, and Christian played a song on the piano for Jess just before their first dance.

Kudos to Touch of Elegance Events & Designs for doing such a great job on the planning (along with Jess’ mom who I know did a ton of work), and congratulations to this wonderful couple!

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Stoney creek engagement session: Leah & Kevin

6.27.19 - engagements by Courtney

Nice weather has been few and far between in Michigan this spring but fabulous couples have not. Luckily we are on a roll of capturing the sun while we can.

Leah and Kevin are all kinds of wonderful. We met up at Stoney Creek Metropark for a laughter-filled engagement session. This couple has an ease about them that is every photographer's dream. From strolling through a field at sunset to twirling in the forest this couple nailed it every time.

Maybe it's the way Kevin looks at her or the way Leah's face lights up with a smile (actually, it's both) that make it undeniable that this is one perfect couple. I am thrilled to be photographing your wedding day. Congrats to you both.

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