Conservatory at Matthaei Botanical Gardens: Sara & Tom

5.21.19 - engagements by Courtney

Conservatory at Matthaei Botanical Gardens was the perfect backdrop for Sara and Tom’s engagement session. With Michigan's crazy spring it was so nice to know we had chosen a location with both indoor and outdoor options. The daffodils were in full bloom as is the love these two share for each other. Engagement sessions get me super excited for couples weddings (as this one did) because we get to spend some time getting to know each other. Not only is this couple gorgeous (check out their incredible blue eyes) but they are such wonderful people who are so very photogenic.

I love the variety the Gardens brings and who knew that standing by a "sausage tree" could like you were on a tropical island? Maybe a precursor to a Hawaiian honeymoon? Congrats you two and I am looking forward to your big day.

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Masonic Temple wedding: Leanne & Vipal

5.9.19 - weddings by Kristen Taylor

This couple is fun. Like SO fun. Their casual attitudes carried through to their wedding, although their decor was anything but casual. The Masonic Temple was the perfect venue for this big, loud (in a good way) wedding. Leanne looked absolutely stunning in both her Indian Sari and her white wedding gown, and I loved her bright red lipstick which worked so well for both.  Vipal looked great too, her perfect compliment. Vipal danced like a rock star during the Baraat (the pre-ceremony Indian ritual when the groom heads to the ceremony). They blended their two cultures during their ceremony in a perfectly unique way, and similarly during the reception they had both Motown music and a modern DJ. I absolutely loved their cake by The Home Bakery in Rochester. Including the couple’s dogs on the cake topper was an adorable personal touch! It was obvious that everyone in the room loves and adores this couple and they clearly all had a great time! Congratulations to this super fun couple!!!

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Downtown Detroit engagement session: Amanda & John

4.24.19 - engagements by Kristin G.

If you live in Michigan, you know that April could bring an array of weather, so I was thrilled when Amanda+John made their way in from Seattle and we had sunshine! I didn’t say it was warm, but we had that glorious sun and that is a win! We shot downtown, beginning in Belt Alley, and I was all smiles as these two were so easy to photograph! I enjoyed walking between the buildings with the graffiti for the urban vibe, but I was so geeked when we stumbled upon the black wall of the new Shinola Hotel! These were my favorite images of the day (!), so anything beyond this was just a bonus. After an already fabulous session, we then ended on the rooftop of the Z Parking garage for a beautiful skyline shot before saying our goodbyes. I had a blast with the both of you and wish you nothing but everlasting happiness! Congratulations! xo

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Stoney creek engagement session: Laura & Mitchell

4.18.19 - engagements by Stephanie

Laura and Mitchell are such a sweet and fun couple, and I had a fantastic time at their engagement session at Stony Creek Metro Park.  

This venue is particularly significant for the pair, as it’s where Mitchell proposed to Laura. When they told me this little detail, I just knew it would make the perfect backdrop for their photos!

I always push for my couples to take part in an engagement session with me. These shoots not only help me work on posing my couples and working out any “kinks”, but they also afford me the opportunity to get to know my brides and grooms better. After spending time with Laura and Mitchell I realized they are just the sweetest couple!

The pair are naturals in front of the camera. Their smiles are absolutely contagious, and their joy for life, and love they have for one another just shines!  

I am very much looking forward to their October wedding day!

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stoney creek engagement session: Natalie & Nick's

4.18.19 - engagements by Stephanie

I had such a fabulous time photographing Natalie and Nick’s engagement session at Stoney Creek Metro Park. This couple is absolutely adorable, and we had a blast exploring the gorgeous surroundings of this lovely location!

Not only that, but the two picked the perfect spring day for their shoot. The sun was shining, and we actually had WARM March weather. That’s almost unheard of here in Michigan!

It was important to Natalie and Nick that their session be somewhat private. Luckily, we had the park (mostly) to ourselves that day! It was sheer kismet.  

After meeting and working with them in person, I have to say…. any nervousness they may have had concerning photography doesn’t show in their photos! They ROCKED their session, and not only posed well, but were super fun to work with!

I am so very excited for their wedding in May!

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