Casey Figlewicz wrote: I would love to know where you got that sign-in book? I need to order one for a client in a few weeks and I would love to use the same company. It looks amazing. Great job! 3.23.09 at 4:59PM

ksenija savic wrote: whoopwhoop! holla to guestbook albums! i so love them. :) looks fantastic. 2.24.09 at 11:26AM

rebecca wrote: I've never seen something like this. What a fantastic idea! 2.21.09 at 6:02PM

sara riordan wrote: what a great idea - i wish i had had something like this when i got married! love the signatures :) 2.10.09 at 12:07PM

kristen taylor wrote: thanks, julie h. they're from finao. 2.9.09 at 11:35AM

Julie H wrote: Those are fabulous. Where did you get them done?! 2.7.09 at 1:02PM