Laura Gohl wrote: The photographers were amazing, they were so well organized and were thorough on following through with the requests of the bride and groom. They captured all the special moments and never interfered with the magic of the day. We have 3 more family weddings and Kristen Taylor will always be our first pick!! 8.30.18 at 8:33PM

Betty wrote: Those are incredible, perhaps the best wedding photos I've ever seen. I keenly watched as the photographic team worked and expected these would be amazing! 8.30.18 at 6:46PM

Ali wrote: LOVING these pictures! These photos turned out stunning! Working with Courtney and her team was so much fun, thank you so much for capturing our special day so beautifully 8.30.18 at 6:43PM

Ashley Smallman wrote: It was such a beautiful day! You really can see from the photos that Ali and Alex truly do love each other! They exemplify what it means to be happy and in love. 8.30.18 at 1:53PM

Marie Smith MOB wrote: The wedding was a true reflection of what a wonderful couple Alex and Ali are. All the planning and was done with perfection. And it shows in the Awesome pictures . I never felt that the photographers were staging or intrusive in the activities. That being said there were great memories made that day, and we will be able to treasure them in the photos taken. 8.30.18 at 12:51PM

Thomas Smith wrote: Wonderful day and photos...all filled with love and picture perfect wedding. Photos really captured the feelings of the day. 8.30.18 at 12:36PM

McKenzie wrote: Incredible photos! An incredible day! Every detail was thought about and executed flawlessly. So proud to have been apart of this! 8.30.18 at 12:20PM

Meredith wrote: Such perfect photos. I feel like I was there! (OK, I was, but the pictures bring it all back...) 8.30.18 at 12:03PM

Melle wrote: Your photos have a very signature style. Beautiful! 8.30.18 at 2:13AM