Karina wrote: I love these! How cute!! 4.23.09 at 12:17PM

kristin peach wrote: Darn it!! Another item I will be ordering. Hopefully sooner than later. I LOVE them!! 4.1.09 at 9:14AM

jessica wrote: omg! i LOVE these! Where can I get some! 3.27.09 at 6:10PM

Micha Everett wrote: I love these! What a cute idea! 3.20.09 at 5:10PM

Kelly S. wrote: These are so cute! 3.19.09 at 6:32AM

sarah wrote: they're just beautiful, kristen. i definitely appreciate what you're doing here, because i, too, can't get enough of printed photos! your attention to detail and respect for this tradition is admirable. 3.19.09 at 12:05AM