Shannon McKenney-Shubert wrote: Ahh!! She's gorgeous, like her mama :) Congrats to you! Thanks for (finally) sharing photos. 3.14.14 at 9:21AM

Abby wrote: Congratulations, she is a doll!! 2.17.14 at 10:04PM

sarah g wrote: Totally in love with this little cutie pie! :) 2.12.14 at 12:52AM

sam latella wrote: Kristen, she is absolutely perfect, I cannot get over those big blue eyes! Congrats! :) 2.5.14 at 10:04PM

kenna wrote: These pictures are all so adorable! 2.5.14 at 3:43PM

Erin Brant wrote: Yay, you posted pictures!! What a cutie! <3 2.5.14 at 2:51PM

sara r wrote: super cute as always! 2.5.14 at 2:26PM

Susan wrote: Happy Birthday little one! 2.5.14 at 11:16AM

Betty Peretiatko wrote: Congrats on your baby girl's 1st birthday Kristen! She is precious! 2.5.14 at 10:59AM

Angela Haig wrote: Love them all.. but espcially the one where she's on the blanket in the hot pink lacey shorts with her hands in the air! 2.5.14 at 10:39AM

Monica Ochoa wrote: Oh my gosh Kristen!! Alyssa is absolutely precious! Congratulations to you and your husband!! 2.5.14 at 10:39AM

Grandma wrote: She is so beautiful!! 2.5.14 at 8:46AM