Tumbleweed Photography Studio wrote: What an absolute doll and those lashes are to die for! 3.4.13 at 7:19PM

Angela De La Rosa (mom) wrote: I can't stop looking at them...I find myself back here every day. I cannot thank you enough. 11.5.08 at 7:20PM

Mary Williamson wrote: My goodness. Future Mrs. Nolan Williamson is beautiful! 10.25.08 at 7:41AM

abbyrose wrote: awwww! this shoot is to die for - those eyelashes are amazing!! 10.23.08 at 9:27PM

Angela (mom) wrote: THANK YOU! THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! WOW! Kristen, these are outstanding. You are the best. Don't go moving back to CA... you have to photograph our future children as well. Can't wait to see the rest of them. xoxo 10.23.08 at 7:19PM

Andrea Barron wrote: Wow! What a beautiful baby. I love her blue eyes, gorgeous eyelashes and I love Angie for piercing her ears. P.S. This is Kristin's friend Andrea... not a stranger commenting on how pretty your baby is. 10.23.08 at 5:44PM

Jim Hutchings wrote: So adorable. 10.23.08 at 1:37PM

Sam Latella wrote: Kristen, shots like these make me want a baby!! (thank goodness the feeling only last about 30 seconds!) Absolutely gorgeous!! 10.23.08 at 12:58PM

Laurie wrote: She is the most precious angel EVER! I love those lashes...she's gonna be a heartbreaker one day! 10.23.08 at 12:24PM

Erin wrote: She is by far one of the cutest babies around! Those are some eyelashes to die for! 10.23.08 at 10:17AM

Rob De La Rosa(DAD) wrote: Words cannot express the joy and exhilaration that you have captured in these photos. Angie and I knew she was beautiful already but these pictures are incerdible, Thank you for everything. 10.23.08 at 10:00AM

kristin peach wrote: These are the most precious pictures I have ever, EVER seen! Look at those eye lashes and that smile! And the pink and the green!! Angie is going to be blown away!! Thank you, again, Kristen!! 10.23.08 at 9:22AM