jeff mutuc wrote: These photos look beautiful. Such great contrast with all the vibrant colors. Really gives a great feel for the day and the vibe of the entire night! 12.29.16 at 12:40AM

Solana Tran wrote: The photos are so beautiful! I adore how they captured the perfect lighting in every photo; whether it was the bright hotel room or dark dance floor. The clarity and authenticity is wonderful! 12.28.16 at 2:03PM

Jessica Tang wrote: The pictures are gorgeous and you captured some great candid moments! Can't wait to see more! 12.27.16 at 9:56AM

nancy wrote: loooove the photos! Your team did a great job!! 12.24.16 at 3:15PM

Hoai Artale wrote: Wow, beautiful photos!! Love the colors also! 12.24.16 at 2:02AM

Gurpreet wrote: These are absolutely stunning photos! They capture this day so beautifully! Can't wait to see more. 12.23.16 at 11:20PM

Venus Garcia wrote: LOVE!!!!! These pics are such amazing quality and obviously I think the subjects are pretty gorgeous! I look forward to the rest of the album!! 12.23.16 at 10:28PM

Quang Tran wrote: Great preview, can't wait to see the rest. 12.23.16 at 8:32PM

Charlene wrote: These are simply amazing!!! I cannot wait to see the rest. :D thank you Kristen and team! 12.23.16 at 8:08PM