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detroit engagement session: alexis & mike

7.19.17 - engagements by Kristin G.

It’s always a honor when a fellow photographer asks you to capture what will surely be one of their most treasured memories. It’s also humorous because you’d think that if you’re a photographer, getting your portraits taken would be a breeze, but just like anyone else, Alexis + Mike swore they needed all the help they could get. As you’ll see, these two were about as natural as you could get in front of the lens and my camera absolutely loved them. They chose Belle Isle for their portraits, as behind the conservatory was the very spot that Mike proposed and I LOVE when my couples choose a place for their engagement portraits that hold special meaning to them. Not surprisingly, these two looked the part as Alexis’s killer floral heels were on point and Mike looked suave, but casual, in his suit. The air was cool and the evening light was stunning. I know I say this all the time, but such a stellar session makes me super excited to shoot your wedding this fall! xo


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detroit engagement session: chelsea & joel

7.19.17 - engagements by Courtney

I just love how quickly Detroit is changing and I won’t ever get tired of discovering new locations with my couples (especially when they are as great as Chelsea and Joel). We met at the Belt Alley and decided to take a walk around the block where we found some great backdrops. As we walked into and around Z Lot, it was obvious how much this couple loves one another and I loved how caring and protective Joel is of Chelsea. No doubt this couple will take good care of one another for a very long time.

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boulder point golf club: jennifer & stan

7.19.17 - weddings by Kristin G.

The first look for this couple was at the groom’s parent’s farm and when I pulled up and saw it for the first time, I had the biggest smile on my face. The first thing I saw was the shaded wrap-around porch and with a flag flying above the front entryway, this sweet home screamed Americana. LOVE (!). The guys were banished to the barn while the ladies donned their dresses inside the house and before we knew it, it was time for for Jen + Stan to see each other for the first time. Following the emotional first look (I’m not sure Stan could stand another minute without seeing his soon-to-be bride!), we headed to the church and this was incredibly special as it was also the place that these two had first met. The words spoken during the service were fiercely heart warming and before we knew it, these two were husband + wife and we were off to Boulder Pointe to celebrate! I loved their classic white cake with frosted flowers by Mannino's Bakery, and pink and white flowers by Ideal Creation Flowers . The happiness that these two exude is contagious and everyone enjoyed every second of the evening. A huge congrats to this sweet, deserving couple! xo

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the wyndgate wedding: kristen & dustin

7.18.17 - weddings by Courtney

When I met the ladies at The Wyndgate the room was buzzing with excitement. They all looked fabulous and summery in their matching pink button down shirts and white pants. With a champagne toast the ladies were ready to get dressed and head on over to the church. I absolutely loved all the details of Kristen and Dustin's wedding day. Her purse was unlike anything I've ever seen before with the most beautifully intricate flowers, and her Hayley Paige dress had amazing bead work (the bridesmaids also had coordinating bead work) and who doesn't love jeweled heels with those signature red soles.
Kristen and Dustin looked stunning and I could feel the joy radiating from both of them.
After a beautiful ceremony at Christ Church Cranbrook we went back to the Wyndgate and took gorgeous photos around the golf course. We had so much fun and I could have spent hours photographing them here. Kristen and Dustin are one of those couples that don't need a whole lot of direction and are complete naturals in front of the camera.
The speeches brought me a whole new love for this couple. You can tell a lot about someone by those who they are surrounded by. It was obvious this room was filled with good people. I loved the reception details, including classic white roses by Bellisario Florist and delicious cake by The Home Bakery. My absolute favorite fun fact about this couple is that they were actually set up by their parents. It took them a little bit to realize it but certainly in this case, ‘parents know best.’ Congratulations!

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detroit engagement session: sara & matt

7.18.17 - engagements by Kristin G.

Sara+Matt were in from NY for a whirlwind weekend back in the mitten and I’m so glad we were able to shoot their engagement session in the city on Sunday evening before they headed back to the east coast. I absolutely fell in love with Sara’s fun, strappy, yellow dress when we began shooting in Belt Alley and Matt’s casual blue and yellow button down was the perfect compliment. I’ve mentioned this before, but it isn’t easy for adults to jump into a photo session and I loved how these two would crack up every time they looked at each other. I mean, genuine smiles and laughter always looks fabulous! After a quick outfit change into something a bit more casual, we headed around the city for some back-lit tree lined shots and ended at the beautiful gold doors of St. Aloysious. Congratulations to the both of you! I’ll be seeing you before you know it! xo

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