Stoney creek engagement session: Leah & Kevin

6.27.19 - engagements by Courtney

Nice weather has been few and far between in Michigan this spring but fabulous couples have not. Luckily we are on a roll of capturing the sun while we can.

Leah and Kevin are all kinds of wonderful. We met up at Stoney Creek Metropark for a laughter-filled engagement session. This couple has an ease about them that is every photographer's dream. From strolling through a field at sunset to twirling in the forest this couple nailed it every time.

Maybe it's the way Kevin looks at her or the way Leah's face lights up with a smile (actually, it's both) that make it undeniable that this is one perfect couple. I am thrilled to be photographing your wedding day. Congrats to you both.

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Birmingham engagement session: Marlowe & Andrew

6.27.19 - engagements by Kristen Taylor

I photographed Marlowe’s sister’s wedding five years ago, and when Marlowe called me about photographing her own wedding I immediately remembered her and was so excited to get to shoot her wedding. It was a nice surprise to get to see Christine (her sister) at the start of Marlowe and Andrew’s engagement session and lovely to catch up with her for a few minutes.

Marlowe and Andrew are awesome and it was easy to photograph them because they’re so adorable. We started at Booth Park in Birmingham with some photos with their dog and some portraits of them along the nature trail. They then popped into a restaurant for an outfit change and we walked toward the middle of downtown Birmingham, stopping at various spots along the way. I always love photographing in front of Anthropologie, and I loved how that setting went so perfectly with Marlowe’s dress (which coincidentally was from Anthropologie). Andrew looked great as well, and I know this couple’s wedding is going to ROCK!

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ann Arbor engagement session: Brianna & Andrew

6.27.19 - engagements by Courtney

I had so much fun getting a little lost around Ann Arbor with Brianna and Andrew. I just love a couple like them who is so casual, fun AND can do an amazing dip! Brianna was literally parallel to the ground! They did great during their engagement session and I loved what they chose to wear especially Brianna's blue dress which just made her eyes pop!

We amazingly picked a sunny day this spring so the proof is there!! Sunny days do exist everybody!! Ha, ha... Brianna and Andrew congrats and I am really looking forward to photographing your big day.

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Detroit Athletic club wedding: Becky & Peter

6.27.19 - weddings by Courtney

You know you are surrounded by a fun group when you arrive and all the Ladies are in tanks that read, "After this we're getting pizza!" Becky and her ladies were pumped and ready for a great day. The excitement with Peter and the guys equally matched that of the girls as they sat around a huge conference table checking out the engraved wooden boxes Peter gifted to them. Inside were cuff links, tie clips and lighters.... such a cool gift.
I loved that Becky and Peter waited to write out the last few lines of their cards to each other. It made for great little moments for myself and 3rdStreet Films to capture (always a pleasure to work with them). As Becky read out loud the card she had written for Peter and then the one Peter had given to her it was obvious they are the perfect match and not just because they both gave each other applesauce although, that was adorable. I can picture them years down the road cuddled on the couch watching Gossip Girl while snacking on pepperoni slices and gummy bears.

Becky looked absolutely stunning in her gown (complete with pockets) and Peter ever so handsome in his black suit and tie. We found a breeze outside of the Detroit Athletic Club for some bridal party photos. The excitement was building but there was one important event to get to before the full-on celebration began. We headed off to Ss. Peter & Paul Jesuit Church where they had a gorgeous ceremony. Friends of theirs who had what's best described as angelic voices filled the church with music, family, and friends all in attendance witnessed the I dos and cheers erupted as Becky and Peter descended down the aisle.

A summer storm timed itself perfectly to blow on through during the ceremony leaving behind reflective puddles, a cooler temp and an evenly lit sky. We arrived back at the DAC decorated with beautiful flower arrangements by Blossoms Birmingham. However, before returning inside the bridal party did a cheer to the "Miller High life." (I told you they were fun). The celebration was in full swing and luckily we were still able to sneak away for a few quiet moments on the rooftop.

Congratulations to you both. I truly enjoyed capturing your day.

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Planterra wedding: Katie & Victor

6.26.19 - weddings by Courtney

Ahhh, what a lovely affair Katie and Victor's wedding was. First, Katie is every kind of gorgeous. She radiates a bohemian vibe which her hair, dress, and makeup complimented perfectly. Her gorgeous curls were loosely braided back with such pretty flowers that looked effortlessly placed and her makeup was subtle with just the right amount of glam. But, I think the sweetest thing Katie wore was a tiny wooden cross pinned into her bodice. It is a family tradition, started by her Grandmother and the cross that Katie wore this day was originally her Grandmothers that was handed down to her sister (who wears it daily) and lent to Katie for the day.

Victor has this great calmness about him. He looked great in a blue suit (my favorite) and complete with Katie by his side.

Katie had not one but two amazing first looks. The first came from her Dad who just couldn't stand still as he waited to see his little girl on her wedding day. As he turned around he gave her the biggest hug that seriously lasted a million years. It was the sweetest. After the eyes dried out it was Victor's turn and his reaction was equally as great. The moment their eyes met you could tell the entire world around them melted away and it was just Katie and Victor...Victor and Katie. 

Every time I photograph a wedding at Planterra Conservatory I am just blown away at how gorgeous it all is. The selection of details they offer is outstanding and each wedding ends up with its own unique look. Purple is my favorite color so my eyes immediately loved the purple touches throughout. Most impressively was the cake by sweet Heather Anne that resembled an impressionist painting with the vivid colors and painted buttercream flowers. The water-color themed invitations by Write impressions were absolutely stunning and fit flawlessly with the gorgeous purple tones of the decor.

I am 3/3 with outstanding families for my 2019 couples. I shouldn't be surprised because my couples are amazing and clearly apples don't fall far from trees. Not only did Katie's dad deliver a heart filled speech but he did so in a rap! Talk about a room filled with laughter and cheer and the fun did not end there. E3 Detroit played while Katie and Victor danced the night away surrounded by family and friends. A perfect ending to a perfect day.
Thank you so much for entrusting me to capture your special day. I wish you congratulations, happiness and a lifetime of continued travel together.

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