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volunteers needed for my non-profit!


Last year I founded a non-profit, Little Green Gardeners, because I felt like life had been really good to me and it was time that I gave back in a major way. Well I am excited to announce that the plans for the first garden are really coming together, and we will be building it this April, and then beginning to work with the kids in May! It is a pretty extensive in-class program for the kids: 8 weeks of 45 minute lessons twice a week! In addition to teaching the kids how to grow their own vegetables, and hopefully in the process foster their desire to eat more fresh vegetables, we will be teaching them lessons such as social responsibility (by donating vegetables to a soup kitchen) and entrepreneurialship (through selling an herb dip at the Farmers Market).

Anyway, I REALLY SUPER DUPER need some volunteers to help build the garden, and I am hoping many of you will sign up to help! And remember, it doesn't count if you just SAY you want to help make the world better, or if you just INTEND to help someday... it is following through and ACTUALLY HELPING that really counts! BE the type of person who actually works to make the world a better place!

To sign up for one or both of these volunteer days, or to be on the list for future volunteer opportunities, please email me at And bring a friend or two!!!

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mike and i got photographed!


Mike and I celebrated our 10th wedding anniversary in December, and it occurred to me that we hadn't had any really good photos of us taken since we got married! So, while we were out in sunny CA for the holidays, we did a photo session with the amazing Amelia Lyon... and it was SO much fun! Engagement sessions are not just for the engaged!!! I am super happy to have updated photos of us, and it was also really cool to get to experience being a client again, rather than being the photographer. I will admit that when shooting so many engagement sessions, it is easy to forget just HOW important it is to the couple, and this was a great reminder. I mean, I fussed over what to wear, scrambled to find a flower for my hair (thank you Flair in Her Hair, your stuff is amazing!!), crossed my fingers that it would be sunny out (it was CA, duh of course it would be), and I got my makeup done.

Well anyway, I thought I'd share some of the photos with you all. Here they are...

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what i've been doing with my days off...


I was once told "Get in over your head, and then swim to the top." Well, I am pretty sure that the person who told me this never tried to design and build their own custom closet with their own two hands!

So this all started one Monday a few weeks ago (Monday's are generally my day off since I shoot on the weekends). I wasn't sure what I was going to do with the day, but I knew I needed to put my clothes away which had piled up in the laundry room. I wasn't very excited to do it, and I thought "hmmm... it would be a lot more fun to put my clothes away if I actually liked my closet, like if it wasn't painted an icky gold color in chalky dry builders-grade paint." So I decided to spend the day painting my 6'x8' walk-in closet. I took everything out and put it ALL over our bedroom, which I didn't think was a problem because I had every intention of wrapping up this little project by the time my husband came home from work that evening. Painting a room in our house within a day is a pretty normal thing for me to do. Well, after removing my clothes from the closet, I realized I wasn't terribly thrilled with the cheap wire shelving that was in there, so I ripped it all out... which then meant that I had about 40 screw holes to patch. This was about the time that my husband came home, and he just looked at me and the insanely huge mess of my clothes in our bedroom, and said "wow, you are SO in over your head... and at that point I sadly knew he was right." But at this point there were no longer any shelves in my closet so there wasn't really an option to turn back, so I decided that I was going for it, and that if I was going to do it, I was going to make it AWESOME!!! So then I not only painted the walls, I did it in stripes with a metallic paint. And I built all of the shelves, including a giant shoe tower topped with crown moulding, by hand from raw wood... which meant tons of sanding, painting, etc. And of course, as the final touch, I hung a beautiful chandelier.

It was a HUGE endeavor, and it took me many many of my days off to get it done... but I am thrilled with how it turned out. Now that it is done I can say that it was totally worth it... although I won't be embarking on another project like this for a very very long time!!!

So here are some before and after photos. Some were taken with my iphone, so please forgive the low quality of some of them.

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perhaps my favorite place to be...


I used to love traveling (I have been all over Europe, Australia, etc.), but now I'm more of the kind of girl that LOVES to be at home. BUT, The The Inn at Bay Harbor feels like a home away from home. I love its renaissance charm, quiet simplicity, beautiful bike paths, amazing views, etc (oh, and let's not forget its modern amenities and room service). It truly reminds me of what I imagine simpler eras to have been like, back before everything in the world got so loud, busy, and complicated.

Anyway, a couple of weekends ago was my ONE and ONLY weekend off this entire summer from May-Oct, so my husband and I spontaneously snuck away for a little vacation. It was magical, and I returned home refreshed and ready to take on the second half of my busy season.

Here are a few images I took!
Oh and P.S... they do weddings there (I have shot a few), but I know that one reservation brides often had about booking there was that if it rained, their reception would be moved from the gorgeous outdoor lakefront patio, to the windowless basement (blah, I don't blame anyone for the hesitation). BUT, I learned that they are building a permanent outdoor tent over the patio area so that, rain or shine, the wedding can still be outside with the gorgeous view! So DO book your wedding there, and DO have me to shoot it! :)

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my new non-profit org... little green gardeners


This year I have landscaped pretty much every inch of our yard, and since my husband might kill me if I spend any more money at English Gardens, I have decided to channel my gardening passion into a new non-profit organization! The organization will build vegetable gardens in elementary schools and teach gardening to the kids... and I am SUPER excited about it! Massive planning is in the works, and Pierce Elementary in Birmingham is thrilled to be the first to receive a new garden next spring!

A blog is in development so that we can share photos, and the kids can track the growth progress week by week. Here is a mockup of the design for the blog...

Fundraising plans are under way and going well! If you would like to make a financial donation to sponsor a garden, please email me at

If you would like to volunteer your time to help out, here are the ways you can help! Please email me at if you'd like to participate in any of the following ways...

- garden builders (fairly easy manual labor, early spring time)
- garden waterers (super easy manual labor, during the summer)
- harvesters (fairly easy manual labor, during the summer)
- picket fence builders (we'll provide the materials but need strong people for post digging and cementing, early spring time)
- accountants (needed ASAP)
- educators (people behind the scenes to help create the lesson plans)
- haulers (people with trucks, early spring time)
- instructors (people who are great with kids and available during the daytime, late spring and/or early fall)

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