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downtown detroit engagement session: krysten & brandon


I can’t say this enough - I LOVE photographing the siblings of my previous clients! I photographed Krysten’s sister’s wedding a few years ago, and now I’m so honored to get to photograph Krysten’s wedding to her awesome finance, Brandon! Krysten and Brandon are such a gorgeous couple, and we got lucky with perfect weather for their engagement session. This sweet couple was super easy to photograph, and we had a blast bouncing around to the DIA and the Z Lot in Detroit. They were up for anything, which made it super fun! Congratulations to this great couple!!

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downtown chicago engagement session: lainie & erick


I had such a great time shooting around Chicago with Lainie and Erick! The day was filled with beautiful views and gorgeous greenery (one of the things I love about this city!)

Lainie and Erick met in the city, so they wanted to make sure that was a big part of their photos. We started out on the Riverwalk which, is such a special and unique setting. The skyline was a perfect backdrop for this absolutely in love couple. After that, we hopped in a cab over to Lainie and Erick's old stomping grounds which had special meaning to the couple and some very cool spots to shoot! A final cab ride later and we were at the Lincoln Park Zoo, which boasts beautiful gardens and a massive Conservatory. I could have kept shooting forever but the sun had other plans!

All in all, it was a perfectly "Chicago" session and I loved getting to know this couple. I am so happy we got to work together in your city and wish you all the happiness in your marriage!

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detroit engagement session: jeanne & angel


This cute couple was only in town briefly and really wanted to do their engagement session on Belle Isle, and I really wanted to make that happen for them... but when we arrived we learned that half of the island (the half with the fountain and Detroit skyline) was blocked off. We were told it was because if the Grand Prix, which seemed odd because that was weeks prior, but whatevs. We made the best of it anyway, finding a couple of spots on the island and then heading into Downtown Detroit for more. It was fun to learn that Jeanne and Angel are friends with the couple whose wedding I had just photographed the night before. All four of them recently graduated from the same med school... my clients are all so smart that it blows my mind! Anyway, it was a lovely morning with these two and I'm glad we could squeeze in their session before their drive back home to Chicago. Congrats, you two!!

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birmingham engagement session: jennifer & eric


It was a super lovely afternoon in downtown Birmingham for Jennifer and Eric’s engagement session, and this cute and sweet couple could not have nailed their wardrobe choices any better. Not only did their outfits compliment one another’s perfectly, but many any of the little spots I like to use as backgrounds in Birmingham have soft tones and so it was perfectly suited. We hadn’t met prior to this session so it was great to finally meet them, and I cannot wait for their big day!

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cranbrook engagement session: katelyn & peter


Katelyn, a Cranbrook alum, went to great lengths to get approval for this session at Cranbrook, and I must say it was worth it! We did an early morning shoot because they had to squeeze it in before they headed back home, and there’s something so beautiful about the light in the morning. I was coming off of shooting weddings each of the previous days but I downed some coffee and worked it out, which ended up being quite easy because Katelyn and Peter were so fun to be around. They cracked me up because they claimed to totally not be into being photographed but they ended up nailing it. Congrats to this stunning couple!

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