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Downtown Birmingham engagement session: Mckenzie & Pat


A guilty pleasure of mine is watching The Real Housewives of New York (well, of almost any city really but New York is my favorite), and I think that Mckenzie looks EXACTLY like Tinsley (this is a compliment, Tinsley is gorgeous)! And she and Pat look SO cute together! It was easy to photograph this stunning couple as we bounced around some spots in downtown Birmingham on a lovely evening. I’m excited that I get to spend my New Year’s Eve with this awesome couple at their Detroit Athletic Club wedding. There’s no doubt it’ll be a great wedding! Congrats, you two!

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Birmingham engagement session: Katie & Ryan


I know I talk about the weather a lot with respect to my shoots, but it seems that so often it’s kind of cold, grey, hot, humid (I LOATHE humidity!), etc., and it’s so rare that there’s an absolutely perfect day… but for Katie and Ryan’s engagement session it was completely gorgeous! Plus, the two of them are adorable and I loved what they chose to wear! We wandered around downtown Birmingham, stopping at a few of my favorite little nooks for photos. It was really nice chatting with Katie and Ryan and getting to know them better. At the end of their session they changed into hockey jerseys (they’re HUGE hockey fans) and we stopped into a bar for a beer and a few photos. It was an all-around awesome session, and I’m super excited to photograph their Planterra wedding later this year!

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downtown La Jolla engagement session: Elaine & Sean


Everything was perfect for this session! The bride is a friend of mine, one of my sorority sisters from college, and I LOVE when my client is also a friend! I hadn’t seen Elaine in a long time… not only did I move away from California for a long time, but she has one of those jobs in which she is frequently traveling to some remote place to change the world for the better. It was great to reconnect with Elaine, who is still every bit as beautiful inside and out as she was in college, and it was amazing to meet her fiancé, Sean, who seems perfect for her. It was a blast to photograph in downtown La Jolla, which was full of amazing spots for photos. The weather was perfect, which usually goes without saying in San Diego but we did have to reschedule their first planned session because of rain. Elaine and Sean rocked the styling of their wardrobes, which I knew they would, and they’re so naturally attractive that it made my job super easy. Congrats to this awesome couple! I’m so happy to get to be a part of all of your amazingness!

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downtown detroit engagement session: krysten & brandon


I can’t say this enough - I LOVE photographing the siblings of my previous clients! I photographed Krysten’s sister’s wedding a few years ago, and now I’m so honored to get to photograph Krysten’s wedding to her awesome finance, Brandon! Krysten and Brandon are such a gorgeous couple, and we got lucky with perfect weather for their engagement session. This sweet couple was super easy to photograph, and we had a blast bouncing around to the DIA and the Z Lot in Detroit. They were up for anything, which made it super fun! Congratulations to this great couple!!

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downtown chicago engagement session: lainie & erick


I had such a great time shooting around Chicago with Lainie and Erick! The day was filled with beautiful views and gorgeous greenery (one of the things I love about this city!)

Lainie and Erick met in the city, so they wanted to make sure that was a big part of their photos. We started out on the Riverwalk which, is such a special and unique setting. The skyline was a perfect backdrop for this absolutely in love couple. After that, we hopped in a cab over to Lainie and Erick's old stomping grounds which had special meaning to the couple and some very cool spots to shoot! A final cab ride later and we were at the Lincoln Park Zoo, which boasts beautiful gardens and a massive Conservatory. I could have kept shooting forever but the sun had other plans!

All in all, it was a perfectly "Chicago" session and I loved getting to know this couple. I am so happy we got to work together in your city and wish you all the happiness in your marriage!

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