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birmingham engagement session: stephanie & jason


November has been a fantastic month for engagement sessions this year! Stephanie + Jason met up with me at Booth Park in Birmingham along with their two adorable dogs, and we had such a blast walking along the wooded path and may or may not have told the dogs we were going for a few "car rides." They were so unbelievably cute with their ears perked and head tilted. Stephanie and Jason are super photogenic, and their loving and happy spirits were contagious--I felt myself smiling behind the camera the entire time. I love when couples tell me that they "don't know what they're doing" but yet totally rock their session (Jason eventually admitted that he practiced a bit beforehand). Congratulations you two!

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birmingham engagement session: jennie & cody


Third time's a charm for this wonderful couple! We started their engagement session at Toast where their third attempt at a first date took place, a blind date, proving to all of their friends that they knew what they were talking about! Their proposal also took place on a "third attempt" on Christmas day which is Jennie's favorite day of the year! This couple was clearly meant to be, and let me tell you they are a fantastic match. I loved everything about them and their engagement session. There was champagne, laughter, and even a walk in the woods adventure. Congrats you two!

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stony creek engagement session: kristen & dustin


This couple is so much fun, and their engagement session was filled with lots of love and laughter! They claim their excitement is heightened since they are now finally living in the same country, but I have a feeling that these two are always thrilled to be around each other. Kristen and Dustin met me at Stony Creek Metropark where we had a great time exploring. The leaves are really sticking around late this year which was fantastic for this engagement session. I also couldn't get enough of the tall grass and beautiful lake. Congrats you two, and I'm looking forward to your big day!

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east lansing engagement session: emily & eric


Emily and Eric knew each other before they both went to college at MSU, but it wasn't until they arrived on campus that their love began to grow. It was super fitting to have their engagement session there since technically it is where it all began! I love their choice of outfits, one more dressy and the other casual with a nod to school spirit. These guys did great, and I could tell immediately that they are the perfect match. The weather was so gorgeous that we were actually quite warm after walking around, and I'm positive that is a sign of a beautiful wedding day to come. Congrats to the both of you!

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ann arbor engagement session: kristi & nick


This engagement session is a wonderful example of why I love the Arboretum in Ann Arbor. It is such a fun location with tons of great spots, so many that each time I gather I find something new. Add in a couple as radiant as Kristi & Nick and you can't go wrong! We had a beautiful day, but it was cool enough that they looked totally adorable snuggling up in a blanket (which they brought and totally coordinated with their outfits). I am so looking forward to your wedding day! Congrats you guys!

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