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Detroit yacht club: Courtney & Max


This bride holds a special spot in my heart. Not only is she sweet and beautiful but I have been lucky to know her for a while before she was engaged to Max. I was thrilled for them when they got engaged and delighted when I learned I got to capture their special day!
We started off at the Detroit Yacht Club where the ladies looked elegant in the most beautiful mint green dresses and the guys were ready to get into their blue suits and matching socks. However, Courtney and Max stole the show! Max couldn’t stop smiling the entire day and looked fabulous all dressed up. They had a very sweet first look where I heard “ I don’t know what to do!!” and both of them busted out laughing. It was adorable.
They had a gorgeous and festive ceremony outside of the conservatory with big puffy clouds arriving at just the perfect moment to light their photos. We drove around Belle Isle to the Fountain. Courtney and Max rode in some serious style in her uncle’s vintage car and then it was back to the DYC for the party. I loved all their little details that were a nod to Max’s love of flying. Paper airplanes gave guests their destination city (table) and their cake was complete with a “fly away with me” cake topper. The flowers by Evelyn Loves Lemon were simply stunning.
After a few heartfelt speeches, a delicious dinner, and a quick stroll down to the dock at sunset, it was time to dance. I’m confident this dance floor was as packed for the last song as it was for the first. What a wonderful celebration of love. Congrats Courtney and Max.

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the henry ford wedding: samantha & jordan


As I packed my bags for Samantha and Jordan's wedding I grew excited for the day knowing that these two are super adorable and they were getting married at a gorgeous venue. When I arrived, they both looked stunning and happy-I mean, super happy. And not just them, you could tell their family and friends were super happy for them as well. We were in for a very good day.
Samantha's dress had the most beautiful ribbon trimmed layers and the buttons on the back of her dress were from her Grandmother's dress! It was such a sweet moment when Samantha realized that the college ring of her aunt's (that she was wearing) was blue. She thought that was the one something (something blue) she had forgotten but she actually had it all along.
Her first look with Jordan was at the Dearborn Inn. We found a quiet spot and it was so sweet how they got distracted by each other and didn't hear a word I was saying.
We had endless spots for great pictures at the Henry Ford Museum, where their ceremony and reception were. White marble pillars, the blue room chandelier and JFK's (Samantha's fav President) car. The weather couldn't have been more perfect and their ceremony was held outside in the Pennsylvania Courtyard. It was a beautiful blend of Jewish and Armenian traditions and the perfect celebration of Samantha and Jordan.
The reception room looked beautiful with flowers by Jen House Designs, and lovely cake by Iversen's Bakery. Many thanks to Megan of Beautiful Day Planning. Moments after dinner the dance floor was packed with guests thanks to BlueWater Kings. Congratulations you two!

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Detroit athletic club wedding: heidi & tim


When I walked into the Randolph Room at the DAC, the room was full of excitement. Hairspray and make-up was full swing as the ladies were preparing for the day. Heidi slipped into her dress, and was absolutely glowing. As she opened a gift from Tim, she made a few comments about not being able to find a card. Well, the reason there wasn’t a card was because Tim had created an entire book filled with memories from when they began dating! I can’t imagine how much time this took him but from Heidi’s reaction it was worth every second. It was an incredibly thoughtful gift.
Heidi and Tim’s ceremony was at Old St. Mary's Catholic Church and was filled with joy and laughter. After the ceremony, we stopped at the Belt Alley and the Riverwalk for some bridal party photos. When we got the Riverwalk, we left everyone else on the bus and I got to spend some time with Heidi and Tim. Let me tell you this couple has it all: brains, looks and an undeniable love for one another. I’m so glad I got to spend the day with them.
We headed back to the DAC, and Mike Staff Productions got the party started. The celebration was filled with dancing and merriment well into the night. Congratulations to the both of you.

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the reserve wedding: lindsay & brandon


I met up with Lindsay and the ladies at her parent's house to start off the day. The ladies looked excited and relaxed in the comfiest looking sweatshirts that were a gift from Lindsay (zipped hoodies are a must in order to keep their hairdo’s looking great). Lindsay had such an elegant gown and she looked absolutely stunning. The high neckline and low back looked like perfection on her.
Their ceremony was held at St. Hugo's in Bloomfield Hills. Their priest has quite a history with Lindsay’s family, which made the ceremony very sentimental. As soon as Lindsay and her dad began walking down the aisle, Brandon broke out in a huge smile and a few tears of happiness (I love this). We began taking photos outside of the church, then headed over to booth park to continue taking photos. Everything looked so bright and fresh from all the rain during the week and luckily Saturday was the perfect day.
And then the party began... The Reserve was filled with elegance, joy and laughter. I loved the navy blue & gold invitations by Modern Art Design Studio , and beautiful flowers by Blossoms. The Elysium Experience set the atmosphere with the music and in no time the dance floor was packed. Congrats to you both!

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grosse pointe war memorial wedding: kelly & david


The wedding day of Kelly and David was perfection. Everyone started getting ready at the Westin Book Cadillac in Downtown Detroit. As soon as I entered the room, I noticed the ladies getting ready in the most gorgeous silk robes. Kelly put on her dress and confetti literally started to fly! She looked Ah-mazing! I loved all the thousands of folds in her dress, and to complete the look she carried a special hankie from her dad and wore her Grandmother's ring.
When Kelly and David first laid eyes on each other it was such a sweet moment and undeniable how happy they are. As David said in his speech, “Kelly is worth the wait”. We took a few photos around the Book Cadillac before a fantastic first look with Kelly’s dad. His arms literally went flying up in the air with joy as he saw his beautiful daughter.
As we arrived at the War Memorial a giant cloud rolled in providing the perfect light for photos out front. We then headed to the backside of the building where their ceremony began. It looked like something straight out of Old Hollywood. I just loved it.
The flowers in the reception room by Flourish were soft and elegant with the prettiest pop of teal from the peacock feathers and looked great next to the cake by Hen & Chick Cakes. We loved working with Laura Allis Events who brought all the little details together. The day came full circle with a delicious meal and fun on the dance floor thanks to Music Box Productions. Congratulations to you both!

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