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detroit engagement session: Beth & Eric


Trying to pick a perfect Winter day for an outdoor shoot certainly has its challenges! Beth and I stayed in close contact throughout the week prior to their engagement session, as the weather was above freezing, but supposed to be overcast and grey. We made a game-time decision to just go for it and I am SO GLAD we did! The skies opened up and we had a lovely January day. During our consult, I pretty much fell in love with Beth and Eric and everything they have planned for their wedding. Not only are they ridiculously gorgeous (is this real life?), but they are both so incredibly grounded and sweet. We began our session at the Aloft Hotel inside The David Whitney, where they will be transforming this open, industrial space into their fantastic wedding reception. I am so ready to see this transformation and to be blown away! After some indoor shots, we headed outdoors and strolled down Woodward to capture the cityscape and you know I love me some downtown Detroit. After a quick outfit change, we ended the evening inside the Detroit Foundation Hotel, where these two got cozy in the intimate atmosphere of the Apparatus Room. It was a perfect session and I cannot wait to see you two again later this year! Congratulations! xo

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detroit engagement session: katie & alex


I cannot begin to tell you how much I LOVED this sweet engagement session in downtown Detroit. Not only did this gorgeous couple step outside the box and do a winter engagement session (they are truly my fave!), but Katie+Alex were totally open to doing and going wherever — a photographer’s dream! We began at the DIA, which was super fun for me because FOR ONCE we had as much time as we wanted while we shot in front of the gorgeous marble building. I tend to only head here with my bride+groom on their wedding day and it was so nice to be able to take our time and stop when we were finished; not because we were out of time! After we got these classic shots, we headed into Campus Martius and I was truly in heaven. These two made it look so easy to take portraits in front of hundreds of others walking (and gawking!) around the city. The holiday lights were spectacular, but I have to say, my favorite part was at the end when we wandered into the adorable pop up shops! Thank you both for being so fun! I’ll be seeing you this summer! xo


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stoney creek engagement session: Alison & Mike


I was jealous that the weather for Alison+Mike’s engagement session was so perfect as I tried to shoot my own family portraits just days before also at Stony Creek Metropark and I received wind and hail! These two simply looked fantastic and I was crushing on Alison’s coat, which was perfect for fall portraits (that waistline!). And while these two did rock out their portraits with ease, I think we all know that their sweet pup may have stolen the show. Alison’s smile is infectious and she lights up around Mike; they are so sweet together and I had such a good time walking around the park and getting to know them. I’m so looking forward to shooting their wedding come summer! A big congrats, you two! xo


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ann arbor engagement session: sue & brendon


When your couple not only lives out of town, but lives across the globe, it’s a bit more of a challenge to schedule an engagement session prior to the wedding day. Luckily, Sue+Brenton made getting together a priority and I’m always so glad when I have the opportunity to meet my couples before their big day, even if it does happen to fall only a couple of days prior! I met these two on the campus at the University of Michigan, where they originally locked eyes their senior year in Spanish class. I’ve said it before, but I do love when my couples choose a location that is meaningful to them! We spent time walking around campus chit-chatting and all the while Sue was continually laughing at whatever Brenton had to say. I loved that we chose some funky backgrounds with painted buildings, but also some classic architecture as their backdrops for portraits. You two are fantastic and I’ll be seeing you both in just a couple of days! xo

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cranbrook engagement session: chelsea & christian


Chelsea+Christian live outside of the mitten and were in town for some other fabulous wedding events when we were able to schedule their engagement session at sunrise the morning they were flying home. Yes, sunrise, you guys. And it was SO worth it! Christian attended Cranbrook while in school and so we not only had gorgeous morning light, but we had a fantastic location for their engagement portraits. These two are classically beautiful and so the campus suited them perfectly. We leisurely walked around and got to know one another, even though I felt like I stopped them every few feet to shoot because every nook was simply gorgeous! Their easy demeanor made them a dream to photograph and makes me look forward to getting them back in front of my lens for their wedding in just a couple of months! A huge congratulations to the both of you! xo

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