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east lansing engagement session: allisyn & cody


Allisyn+Cody live outside of the metro-Detroit area, so the first time I met them in person was when we stepped outside our vehicles to shoot their engagement session in East Lansing. I adored them immediately. Allisyn is so kind, smiley, and really just adorable and it’s clear that Cody will go along with whatever she wants to do as long as it makes her happy. I had a really fun time exploring the scene with the two of them and I really think my favorite part was getting some genuine smiles out of Cody. I loved hearing their story about meeting in high school, how it was not exactly love at first sight (at least on Allisyn’s end!), but one gifted orange Gatorade later and they’re now planning their vows for next June. The light was definitely working in our favor and I LOVED ending in the gardens with a little bit of backlit magic. June will be here before we know it! A huge congrats to this sweet bride+groom!

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Nichols Aboretum Engagement session: Maggie & Matt


It took a couple of attempts, but the Michigan weather finally cooperated so that I could shoot Maggie+Matt’s stunning engagement session at the Nichols Aboretum. It was well worth the rescheduling as we had a perfect summer day and I could not have had a better time walking through the woods and gardens getting to know these two love birds. I do not know how I always seem to get so lucky in that my clients are so sweet and down-to-earth, but these two were no exception. The lighting was absolutely stunning that day and I was pretty much in heaven when they tromped through the tall grasses and agreed to dance with big smiles on their faces as we wrapped up the end of their session. They photograph so easily and it makes me super excited to shoot their wedding in just a couple of months! Ahh! So exciting! A big congrats to the two of you! xo

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detroit engagement session: alexis & mike


It’s always a honor when a fellow photographer asks you to capture what will surely be one of their most treasured memories. It’s also humorous because you’d think that if you’re a photographer, getting your portraits taken would be a breeze, but just like anyone else, Alexis + Mike swore they needed all the help they could get. As you’ll see, these two were about as natural as you could get in front of the lens and my camera absolutely loved them. They chose Belle Isle for their portraits, as behind the conservatory was the very spot that Mike proposed and I LOVE when my couples choose a place for their engagement portraits that hold special meaning to them. Not surprisingly, these two looked the part as Alexis’s killer floral heels were on point and Mike looked suave, but casual, in his suit. The air was cool and the evening light was stunning. I know I say this all the time, but such a stellar session makes me super excited to shoot your wedding this fall! xo


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detroit engagement session: sara & matt


Sara+Matt were in from NY for a whirlwind weekend back in the mitten and I’m so glad we were able to shoot their engagement session in the city on Sunday evening before they headed back to the east coast. I absolutely fell in love with Sara’s fun, strappy, yellow dress when we began shooting in Belt Alley and Matt’s casual blue and yellow button down was the perfect compliment. I’ve mentioned this before, but it isn’t easy for adults to jump into a photo session and I loved how these two would crack up every time they looked at each other. I mean, genuine smiles and laughter always looks fabulous! After a quick outfit change into something a bit more casual, we headed around the city for some back-lit tree lined shots and ended at the beautiful gold doors of St. Aloysious. Congratulations to the both of you! I’ll be seeing you before you know it! xo

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birmingham engagement session: cathy & matt


I love when my couples are down for anything as that means I can simply go where the light takes me. I liked these two immediately and this gut reaction was confirmed as we walked around downtown Birmingham getting to know each other. Cathy is so sweet and inviting; Matt seems pretty grounded and low key although they both assured me he has his moments! Like usual, downtown Birmingham certainly didn’t disappoint with the eclectic buildings and ivy filled walls. These two were so easy to photograph and I had to force myself to move on at certain locations as I would have kept them hostage all day. It was truly an awesome evening and I am super looking forward to shooting their fabulous wedding this fall! xo

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