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ann arbor engagement session: megan & mitch


These two looked as though they were stepping out of a Ralph Lauren ad instead of simply getting out of their car when we arrived at the Nichols Arboretum. I adored them immediately. The peonies were in full bloom and it seemed as though half of Ann Arbor was at the Arb to witness it. I can’t say I blame them – stunning doesn’t even cut it! Megan+Mitch easily fell right into their poses, even with the onlookers in a packed garden (which is not an easy thing to do in the least!). My favorite part about these two is how easily Mitch’s playful nature elicits a genuine smile and laugh from Megan. They both were totally relaxed right from the get-go, looked incredible, are the sweetest ever and all of this made me super excited to shoot their wedding next Spring! A big congrats to the both of you! xo

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livonia engagement session: jennifer & stan


Jen+Stan had a gorgeous Spring day for their engagement portraits, which is somewhat miraculous as there had been lots of rain! It was clear to see how much Stan adores his fiancée as he couldn't take his eyes off of her all evening. If nothing else, I often call the engagement session a dress rehearsal for the wedding day and these two had mentioned how glad they were that we had the opportunity to work on posing prior to the big day. It was so fun walking around the grounds and getting to know the two of them -- and they totally rocked their session. Congrats, again, to this wonderful couple! I'll see you next month! xo

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stony creek engagement session: hannah & jimmy


I kind of threw Hannah+Jimmy to the wolves when we started our engagement session at Stony Creek Metropark. We were driving to our first location when I saw a lone, white-blossomed, backlit tree. It was stunning and I absolutely had to have them in front of it. The problem was that there was nothing around it, so really, cuddly close-ups were our only option – and that’s a tough pose for the first shots! They were great sports and I quickly found how much I enjoy being around these two and their sweet boxer, Bailey. We made our way shooting their portraits through the park, but the grand finale came as the sun was setting and we happened upon another gorgeous blooming tree right at the golden hour. These two nailed the poses and I cannot wait to shoot your wedding early next year! Congratulations! xo

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ann arbor engagement session: alex & blair


I fell in love with these two the instant that we met at the law quad on U of M’s campus. Alex + Blair have such style, killer smiles and they are both so genuine that it was hard to not adore them immediately. The evening of their March session was the nicest day of the year thus far, which made me happy since these two were only in for the weekend from the east coast. Since it was the first real Spring day, campus was buzzing- as everyone was out enjoying the weather and these two were great sports as we’d wait until the coast was clear to shoot our portraits. As these two met on campus, they took me to some of their favorite spots and we shared lots of laughs, especially when Blair took charge at the end of our session and orchestrated their final poses. These two are super fun and it made me even more excited to shoot their wedding this July! xo

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birmingham engagement session: katie & nicholas


You know, if there is sunshine on a February evening in the mitten- I'll take the cold over milder, overcast temps any day! I met Katie + Nick in downtown Birmingham for their engagement shoot and adored them immediately. They are both so down-to-earth and I really enjoyed laughing with them and getting to know who they are as we walked around the city. You'd never know it was cold, as they absolutely rocked their session and I always enjoy when my couple trusts me enough to stop traffic for that perfect shot (gah! That light!)! It makes me super excited to shoot their fabulous wedding this summer! A huge congrats to the both of you! xo

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