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Stoney creek engagement session: Leah & Kevin


I had such an amazing time photographing Leah and Kevin’s engagement session. The couple is absolutely adorable, and the photo shoot was full of laughs!

We were lucky enough to have scheduled their session on the day of the first snowfall of winter. And, because Leah had chosen to be photographed at Stony Creek Metro Park, there was no shortage of beautiful scenery in which to capture this gorgeous duo.

Leah and Kevin were truly up for anything. They remained good humored despite me asking them to trek all over the park for the most perfect of backdrops. There even came a point when I asked them to sit on the ground for one of my favorite shots of the session. Despite the frigid temperatures, they never stopped smiling!

I absolutely cannot wait to photograph Leah and Kevin on their big day! Congratulations you two!

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Detroit Engagement Session: Caitlin & Preston


Caitlin and Preston’s engagement shoot was nothing short of amazing.

Caitlin had arranged for the couple’s session to take place at one of my favorite venues to photograph- The Detroit Institute of Arts! If you’ve never been, you MUST go!!! The architecture is reminiscent of a castle and serves as the perfect backdrop to a romantic photo shoot.

The two were so much fun, and the session was full of laughs. It was a bit muddy that day. Never one to let a bit of dirt get in my way, I happily laid on the ground in order to capture angles that showcased the true beauty of the couple and their chosen setting.

Despite my muddy appearance, Caitlin and Preston tolerated my many posing and location requests. I had blast with this duo, and am excited to capture what is sure to be a beautiful winter wedding!

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Rochester Engagement session: Lea & David


It was so much fun photographing Lea and David’s engagement session at Rochester Park. The pair was up for anything, and we had the most beautiful, warm light, and the most enchanting locations.

The shoot was a bit “spur of the moment”. The couple wanted to have it on the weekend after meeting me. Normally, I’m completely booked on the weekends during the fall. However, as luck would have it, I had a cancellation and was able to accommodate their request. It was true kismet!

We started the session on the Paint Creek Trail and took photos as we wandered toward the park. There are so many diverse and lovely spots. The trail and park are a photographer’s dream come true!

It was so fun working with Lea and David, and I simply can’t wait to photograph them on their big day!

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Downtown Birmingham engagement session: Alyson & Teddy


I had such an amazing time photographing Alyson and Teddy’s engagement at Booth Park in downtown Birmingham. With its natural setting, wooded trails, and lovely pines, it made for the perfect location for our session together.

I especially loved this shoot because the couple decided to incorporate their lovable dog into the photos. I absolutely adore animals of all kinds and feel like I’m becoming the “pet photographer” of KT&Co. LOL. Almost half of my couples ask if they can include their pups in the photos, and I always happily oblige.

Alyson wore the most gorgeous dress that perfectly complemented the soft fall foliage. And, Teddy looked pretty dapper himself. Plus… the dog. I mean, can it get any cuter?

The pair is absolutely adorable, and it was so fun working with them. I can’t wait to photograph their big day!

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Ann Arbor Engagement session: Katie & Matt


I had so much fun at Katie and Matt’s engagement session at the law quad on the U of M campus. I haven’t had too many chances to shoot in Ann Arbor- especially with such wonderful weather.

Every spot made for the perfect backdrop, and I was simply in awe at all of the lovely possibilities for shooting locations!

As an added bonus, Katie and Matt met and graduated from U of M. And, although I’m a State fan and grad myself, I could see why the two are so enamored with the campus. It’s always so nice when a couple has a personal reason for choosing an engagement session location!

They are adorable together and are so so sweet. You can tell how much they care for one another from the moment you meet them, and I couldn’t be more excited to photograph their big day!

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