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detroit engagement session: jeanne & angel

7.10.17 - engagements by Kristen Taylor

This cute couple was only in town briefly and really wanted to do their engagement session on Belle Isle, and I really wanted to make that happen for them... but when we arrived we learned that half of the island (the half with the fountain and Detroit skyline) was blocked off. We were told it was because if the Grand Prix, which seemed odd because that was weeks prior, but whatevs. We made the best of it anyway, finding a couple of spots on the island and then heading into Downtown Detroit for more. It was fun to learn that Jeanne and Angel are friends with the couple whose wedding I had just photographed the night before. All four of them recently graduated from the same med school... my clients are all so smart that it blows my mind! Anyway, it was a lovely morning with these two and I'm glad we could squeeze in their session before their drive back home to Chicago. Congrats, you two!!

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