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Detroit athletic club wedding: heidi & tim

9.5.17 - weddings by Courtney

When I walked into the Randolph Room at the DAC, the room was full of excitement. Hairspray and make-up was full swing as the ladies were preparing for the day. Heidi slipped into her dress, and was absolutely glowing. As she opened a gift from Tim, she made a few comments about not being able to find a card. Well, the reason there wasn’t a card was because Tim had created an entire book filled with memories from when they began dating! I can’t imagine how much time this took him but from Heidi’s reaction it was worth every second. It was an incredibly thoughtful gift.
Heidi and Tim’s ceremony was at Old St. Mary's Catholic Church and was filled with joy and laughter. After the ceremony, we stopped at the Belt Alley and the Riverwalk for some bridal party photos. When we got the Riverwalk, we left everyone else on the bus and I got to spend some time with Heidi and Tim. Let me tell you this couple has it all: brains, looks and an undeniable love for one another. I’m so glad I got to spend the day with them.
We headed back to the DAC, and Mike Staff Productions got the party started. The celebration was filled with dancing and merriment well into the night. Congratulations to the both of you.

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