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Meadowbrook hall wedding: Maggie & matthew

11.8.17 - weddings by Kristin G.

Meadowbrook is always one of my favorite venues when it comes to weddings and when you add in a couple as sweet as Maggie+Matt, the gloriousness of the day is amplified. The sun was shining when these two said their vows atop of the stairs of the stunning rock garden. I had already loved that they chose this location for their vows, and once I realized Maggie’s deep rooted passion for flora, I appreciated their selection even more. I mean, she even selected her shoes because they were adorned with leather flowers! Not surprisingly, Maggie’s gown was stunning and Matt looked so very handsome and I had a smile on my face the entire time they were at the altar. I may have also been smiling because their officiant, who is the uncle of the groom, was so at ease during the ceremony and you innately knew that he meant every word he bestowed on the couple. Timing was everything, as following the ceremony a lone storm cloud passed overhead as the guests sipped cocktails and we shot our portraits. We all ducked inside and I was happy we were able to step back outside for the last shots of the bride+groom. The tell-tale chimes sounded and everyone made their way to the tent, which was decorated beautifully. I loved the flowers by Parsonage Events, and delicious cake by Sweet Heather Anne's. The toasts were heart-felt and you could feel the love radiating in the room. I wish nothing but happiness for this deserving couple. Congratulations! xo


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