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Meet our Studio Manager, Ana!

2.20.18 - Personal

Full name: Anastasia

Favorite (non-wedding) photographer: Sarah Moon

Favorite Podcast: Girl Boss

I taught myself photography when I was twelve years old. I always knew I was creative but I definitely couldn’t draw- so I reached for the camera and haven’t turned back since. I would hang out with my friends, dress them up (little did I realize I was styling them) and would photograph them in natural light. It’s funny because I still do that to this day.

These are few of my favorite things: Meditation, Yoga, cooking with fresh veggies from the market, Art Deco Architecture, and traveling. One of my favorite buildings in Detroit is the Guardian Building, I could go in there and stare at the ceiling for hours. This past summer I went to Italy to visit my boyfriend’s family in Calabria, and we worked our way up to the Amalfi Coast. It’s so fun learning how to navigate a foreign country and about new cultures. I mean who doesn’t like pasta, cheese, and wine?

I love fashion! As much as I have an obsession with buying new clothes, lately I have been going to estate sales and thrift stores to find amazing, one of a kind pieces of clothing. It’s the best feeling when you go to the thrift store and find a cashmere sweater for $3... score! Usually when I’m shopping I am moreso thinking of how I could use a garment in an editorial, rather than how it would look on me. My favorite clothing stores are Everlane, Zara, and Lost and Found vintage (which is right down the street from our studio!) ~Ana

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