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planterra wedding: hannah & james

2.21.18 - weddings by Kristin G.

Everyone was buzzing about the snowstorm that had hit the day before Hannah and James' wedding. Not me. I may have been the only one that was doing the snow dance the day of because I knew just how beautiful Planterra can be with a fresh, white blanket of snow as a backdrop. When Hannah walked into the conservatory with her winter boots on and I saw that the girls had shawls, I was all smiles because I knew they were prepared to head outside. Hannah looked absolutely stunning, and I’m not sure I’ve ever seen blue eyes pop as much as hers did that day against her white gown and dark hair. The scarlet bridesmaids gowns were one of my faves to date with the feminine lace top and open back and the gentlemen looked dapper in their navy suits. And the flowers! Oh, the flowers. Deep tones in her unstructured bouquet absolutely had me swooning. After their sweet first look, we jumped right into portraits and it was every bit as spectacular as I was hoping it would be (I know that sounds dramatic, but I’m for real)! Shooting a wedding in the conservatory in February means the sun was setting as they walked down the aisle that was adorned with lanterns illuminating the pathway. Following their vows, cocktail hour began with their signature drink and it was so fun to see everyone walking around with copper mugs as they sipped on Bailey’s Moscow Mules (named after their sweet pup!). When it came time for the toasts, I really had to focus on snapping images instead of laughing along with the room as Hannah’s “favorite Uncle" recited some of her most infamous social media posts along with his heartfelt toast. The musical stylings of Maryann Ross Productions had the room on their feet the remainder of the night and these two surprised me at the very end as we trekked outside and up the hill in a foot of snow to get a nighttime portrait by the signature VW Bug. It was an incredible day for an even more amazing couple. Best wishes! xo


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