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Grosse Pointe Engagement Session: Erin & Seth

5.29.18 - engagements by Stephanie

I had such an amazing time photographing Erin and Seth’s engagement session in Patterson Park in Grosse Pointe. With its enchanting gazebo, beautiful boardwalk, and blossoming trees, the location made for a picture perfect setting to document this couple’s love for one another.

I met the pair at Erin’s parents' house where she grew up. And, because family was in from out of town, we had our own cheerleading team at the session itself. I was able to meet a good chunk of the couple’s extended family, and our walk to the park afforded me the opportunity to get to know Erin and Seth a little better.

Not only is the pair extremely photogenic, but they are sweet and funny as well. In addition to the “normal” shots, we took a few silly ones- at the couple’s request.

Erin and Seth are extremely fun to work with. I just know their wedding is going to be amazing. The love they have for one another is evident, and I truly can’t wait to photograph their big day!

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