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Birmingham engagement session: Katie & Ryan

6.14.18 - engagements by Kristen Taylor

I know I talk about the weather a lot with respect to my shoots, but it seems that so often it’s kind of cold, grey, hot, humid (I LOATHE humidity!), etc., and it’s so rare that there’s an absolutely perfect day… but for Katie and Ryan’s engagement session it was completely gorgeous! Plus, the two of them are adorable and I loved what they chose to wear! We wandered around downtown Birmingham, stopping at a few of my favorite little nooks for photos. It was really nice chatting with Katie and Ryan and getting to know them better. At the end of their session they changed into hockey jerseys (they’re HUGE hockey fans) and we stopped into a bar for a beer and a few photos. It was an all-around awesome session, and I’m super excited to photograph their Planterra wedding later this year!

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