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St. Clair Shores Engagement Session: Karen & Keith

7.3.18 - engagements by Kristin G.

I am so, so happy that Karen+Keith took me up on the engagement session as I had such a fun time walking around their local park with them in St. Clair Shores. I always tell my couples, if nothing else, think of this as the dress rehearsal for your wedding day. This gives us an hour to get to know each other, talk about posing and your likes/dislikes — and then I get to prove to you how incredible you look in your portraits before the big day! These two admitted to me that they do not love to be in front of the camera, but you would never know it! They easily fell into a rhythm and you can tell that they vibe off of each other’s energy. Keith has this calmness about him and Karen’s smile is so warm and welcoming — they are a perfect duo. Spending the evening with them made me even more excited to shoot their fun wedding next summer! A big congratulations to these two! xo


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