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birmingham engagement session: Molly & Jay

7.11.18 - engagements by Kristin G.

I walked into the heart of Shain Park and found Molly+Jay casually waiting for me on a nearby bench and I smiled as these two are just super adorable. I think my favorite part about them is how Jay can stand behind her, give her a bear hug, and easily see right over her head. As soon as we started shooting, I could not stop grinning as Molly has the absolute best smile — her whole face lights up and it makes Jay’s do the same. I was also super impressed because Molly had her thick, dark hair pulled back in a ponytail (it was rather windy) and she told me she can take it down if I think it would look better in some images. Wait, what? You can take your hair out of a ponytail and not have the ridiculous ridge where the elastic band was? Mind blown. ;) We walked around downtown Birmingham as I got to know a bit about them, their east coast travels and we ducked into some alleyways for portraits. Thank you both for trusting me as we weaved our way around the city! I wish you both nothing but a lifetime of happiness! Congratulations!


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