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Townsend Hotel Wedding: Amanda & Ted

9.12.18 - weddings by Stephanie

As a wedding photographer, I get the chance to meet a lot of amazing couples. While each and every one is special, there are a few that really stand out. Amanda and Ted are one of those couples.

The pair lives in Montana and booked me without meeting face-to-face. Because of the distance between us, we weren’t able to schedule an engagement session. Thus, when Amanda reached out earlier this summer asking to arrange a quick “sit down” to get to know one another, I jumped at the opportunity.

It was at this meeting that I knew the wedding day was going to be amazing.

And, I was right!

Amanda and Ted are perfect for one another. The love between them is so very obvious, and I couldn’t be happier for the two of them.

The entire affair was a joyous occasion. Amanda was cool, calm, collected, and ridiculously STUNNING in her gown. It’s no wonder that Ted is so enamored with her!

Surrounded by family and friends, the couple said “I do”, and held their reception at the ever-fabulous Townsend Hotel. Their decor was simply amazing! I loved the gorgeous colors Amanda incorporated, especially the soft hues in the flowers by Parsonage Events and the ombre cake by LW Cake Design blew me away! As an extra special touch, Amanda made all of the signage, invites, and paper products herself. She is so very talented!

However, what struck me the most about this event was the obvious love and support the couple has from their friends and family. There was not just one toast. Instead, MULTIPLE people stood to give speeches about how the two had personally touched their lives. It was clear from the joy in the room that Amanda and Ted have a positive impact on just about everyone they meet. It’s impossible to NOT adore the two!

I truly will never forget this day, or the obvious love and respect Ted and Amanda have for one another. They truly are a wonderful pair!

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