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Adat Shalom Synagogue: Molly & Jay

10.8.18 - weddings by Kristen Taylor

When Molly’s mom first inquired with me and asked if I had ever shot a Jewish Orthodox wedding before, I had to admit that I hadn’t (because my personal policy is to NEVER lie). I was worried that would mean they wouldn’t book me, as I’ve been passed over on bookings for exactly that reason. But Molly’s mom loved my style and believed I could do it, and I too knew I could. I mean, I’ve shot many cultural weddings with lots of unique traditions, and there was always a first time for each of those and I’ve never disappointed any of them. Thanks to Molly’s mom (and Molly and her father), I can now proudly say that I’ve shot a Jewish Orthodox wedding… and I think I nailed it! My adrenaline ran high all day as made sure I was ready for all of the action, and anyone who has photographed a Jewish Orthodox wedding knows there is a LOT of action! It was super fun to see all of the traditions and action associated with this type of wedding, even though I often felt like I was about to get trampled by a mosh pit of people. Molly and Jay were absolutely lovely to work with - the perfect balance of really into the day but really relaxed about it. I could tell they were simply thrilled to be marrying one another while surrounded by their friends and family. And what a lovely setting they had at Adat Shalom Synagogue. Their design choices made it beautiful while their guests made it a PARTY! I feel so honored to have photographed this party for his absolutely wonderful couple. Congratulations, Molly and Jay!

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