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Planterra wedding: Katie & Ryan

12.20.18 - weddings by Kristen Taylor

Winter Weddings at Planterra are often among my favorite, both because the venue is so amazing and because that venue always seems to attract my favorite type of clients, and Katie and Ryan were no exception. They’re both super laid-back, absolutely hilarious, and really really nice. They really didn’t want to see one another before the ceremony, but when they realized not doing so would mean only having nighttime photos together they changed their mind. BUT, they were so against it being traditional, and in their opinion a cheesy, first look moment and they wanted to do it differently, and so they gave each other a high-five when they first saw each other, which they said was so very “them”. They both looked amazing on their wedding day, and Katie’s gown was absolute perfection. It had been very grey and cloudy for weeks leading up to their wedding, but the sun came out for their day which enabled us to take some beautiful backlit outdoor photos. Their bridal party was all super nice, and the kids in their wedding were adorable. I always love the floral decor at Planterra, which of course is not surprising. Bluewater Kings Band rocked the dance floor for rest of the night. And I must give kudos to the videography crew, Killer Creations, because they were awesome to work with. Congrats to this awesome and gorgeous couple!!!

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