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stoney creek engagement session: Natalie & Nick's

4.18.19 - engagements by Stephanie

I had such a fabulous time photographing Natalie and Nick’s engagement session at Stoney Creek Metro Park. This couple is absolutely adorable, and we had a blast exploring the gorgeous surroundings of this lovely location!

Not only that, but the two picked the perfect spring day for their shoot. The sun was shining, and we actually had WARM March weather. That’s almost unheard of here in Michigan!

It was important to Natalie and Nick that their session be somewhat private. Luckily, we had the park (mostly) to ourselves that day! It was sheer kismet.  

After meeting and working with them in person, I have to say…. any nervousness they may have had concerning photography doesn’t show in their photos! They ROCKED their session, and not only posed well, but were super fun to work with!

I am so very excited for their wedding in May!

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