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Masonic Temple wedding: Leanne & Vipal

5.9.19 - weddings by Kristen Taylor

This couple is fun. Like SO fun. Their casual attitudes carried through to their wedding, although their decor was anything but casual. The Masonic Temple was the perfect venue for this big, loud (in a good way) wedding. Leanne looked absolutely stunning in both her Indian Sari and her white wedding gown, and I loved her bright red lipstick which worked so well for both.  Vipal looked great too, her perfect compliment. Vipal danced like a rock star during the Baraat (the pre-ceremony Indian ritual when the groom heads to the ceremony). They blended their two cultures during their ceremony in a perfectly unique way, and similarly during the reception they had both Motown music and a modern DJ. I absolutely loved their cake by The Home Bakery in Rochester. Including the couple’s dogs on the cake topper was an adorable personal touch! It was obvious that everyone in the room loves and adores this couple and they clearly all had a great time! Congratulations to this super fun couple!!!

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