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The playhouse I built for our daughter!

2.25.15 - Personal

A little fun-fact about me... all of the tools in our garage are mine, not my husband's (he's cool with that as he wants nothing to do with them anyway). I've been known to embark on lofty, bordering-on-completely-insane, building projects (see my walk-in closet that I built a few years ago), and this past October I began my latest project.

Our entire basement is a big playroom (well, except for the bit of space we carved out for our gym), and I've been obsessed with filling the playroom with super fun toys, specifically ones that are different from what other kids have (our kid may be only two but already our house is "the party house", and I love it that way). Anyway, one day as I sat looking at an oddly recessed space in the playroom, I started daydreaming about making it some sort of indoor treehouse (well, minus the tree I guess). And then my daydreaming turned into thinking of how I would design it... and then of how I would build it... and then I drew sketches... and then at that point the plan bordered on a full-blown obsession, and once that happens there's no turning back for me!

Anyway, as an artist I could not help but prioritize form just as much as function, and the aesthetic of it was as thought out and slaved over as was the method of building it. I knew I'd have to look at it a lot, so I knew it couldn't be ugly. Originally it wasn't going to have the stairs jut out the way that they do, and it wasn't going to have a commercial-grade slide. But herein laid the problem: residential slides come only in green, yellow, blue, and red. Those who know me know that I'm not one to rock primary colors, or many colors at all for that matter. I spent hours searching for a residential-grade slide in a less obnoxious color, but after an exhaustive search I can confirm that they literally don't exist. And so a huge, 100+ pound, commercial-grade slide it would be! (Note: I can always determine if a person is an artist-at-heart by their design decisions. To those with artistry in their soul, bad design bothers them like an itch they can't scratch, and they'll go to great lengths and shell out stupid amounts of money to create/have something that pleases their soul.)

I've been getting the same questions from everyone who has seen it, so I'll go ahead and proactively answer those here. Yes, I built it myself (with a little bit of help from my dad). No it wasn't a kit, and no I didn't find the instructions for it online. And I don't know how I learned to build things, I just did - if you have enough drive and the vision to create something, learning how to use the tools is the easy part.

So it brings me great joy to reveal to you the final result! (And yes, that is a mail slot, a doorbell, carpeting, and pink twinkly lights... I told you it's a little insane.) Our daughter had better love this thing until she's at least 10, and every time she asks for something new I plan to simply point to her playhouse. ;)

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