jeff wrote: Awesome idea, I've had a similar one but never made it happen, good work! 7.7.09 at 4:47PM

abbyrose wrote: holy crap - love this! why did i not think of it?! hope yer having fun @ the DMB show ;-) 6.19.09 at 10:58PM

Anna wrote: Wow, I really love this idea. I have been telling all my clients to immediately back up their disc when they get it, this is such a nicer and safer way to present such valuable information. 6.15.09 at 12:40PM

lee thomas wrote: very cool - i like it! 6.12.09 at 5:48PM

michelle sidles wrote: This is a GENIOUS idea!!! :) So beautiful, too. :) 6.12.09 at 9:54AM

ryan koral wrote: great idea, K. 6.12.09 at 9:11AM

Jessica Quick wrote: Ok so I REALLY want one of these!!! 6.12.09 at 8:29AM

sara riordan wrote: I want one of those little tins to put breath mints in - adorable! 6.11.09 at 7:56PM

Rebecca wrote: What a fantastic idea! Very cool! 6.11.09 at 7:22PM

Jamie wrote: What a great idea! I love the little tins you are putting them in. 6.11.09 at 5:44PM

lee wrote: What a practical idea! What I love most, though, is that you took the time to create a pretty way to store and present the drive...that little extra touch is always amazing. =) 6.11.09 at 5:28PM

sarah g wrote: what a nice presentation! super high-tech.. impressive :) 6.11.09 at 5:10PM

Casey Figlewicz wrote: Great idea!! Were they really expensive? 6.11.09 at 3:46PM