christy lee wrote: P.s. I get uber excited when your blog post email pops in my outlook! i'd say you're my photographer idol but that would sound too cheezy. :) 4.9.11 at 1:58AM

christy lee wrote: I think it kind of depends on what feel you want. that being said I think 2 and 3 are good for more fun, "real smile" kind of shots. and 1 and 4 are good for romantic, pin up type shots. 5 and 6 are eh and slightly blah. 4.9.11 at 1:52AM

Melinda Anderson wrote: I really love number 4! I feel like the other ones I have seen before at too many other events. I am sure that whichever one you choose it will be fabulous!!! 3.21.11 at 4:05AM

sarah g wrote: that's a tough call! they're all beautiful. but i like #1 and #4 the best :) 3.17.11 at 1:29AM

Moriah wrote: #2 is beautiful! 3.15.11 at 9:55AM

Kayley wrote: I LOVE #4!!! It goes with everything unlike the other backgrounds. 3.9.11 at 10:36PM

michele kaminer wrote: oh Kristen! I LOVE the Vintage photobooth!! Great Idea!! awesome! 3.9.11 at 5:18PM

Ashley Read wrote: Oh my gosh Kristen this is AMAZING! I always wanted to have a photo booth but you are right about the cheese factor, this is perfect, so excited to get married so I can have it!! I like #1&2 for the backdrops! 3.9.11 at 11:16AM

Katherine wrote: #4 - They are all beautiful though! 3.9.11 at 9:03AM

Ali wrote: What a great idea! I vote for background 1! 3.8.11 at 8:08PM

Nicole V. wrote: No. 2 reminds me of a beautiful sunny day. Love it. Love it all. You are amazing. 3.8.11 at 6:50PM

abby piazza wrote: Seeing as how I was going to actually buy #1 myself, I'd go with that! As a second choice, maybe #4 since it will go with all types of clothing options :) 3.8.11 at 6:44PM

Betty P. wrote: Love #1. 3.8.11 at 6:12PM

Kim wrote: I knew there was a reason it all worked out date just MADE my day! This is exactly what I was talking about!!!!!! SO excited. LOVE #4. 3.8.11 at 6:11PM

kathie u wrote: absolument numero un! 3.8.11 at 5:57PM

kristin greenwald wrote: I'm loving 1 & 4! 3.8.11 at 4:46PM

Jennifer wrote: 3 or 4. Can't decide. 3.8.11 at 4:27PM

steph c. wrote: I love that they're all so unique and cool, but 1 is my favorite. 3.8.11 at 3:35PM

jessica wrote: I love number 2... it is so happy! 3.8.11 at 3:34PM

marianne wrote: Ok this is so much cooler than the normal photobooths! I vote for backdrop #1! 3.8.11 at 3:28PM