sarah g wrote: omg, are you kidding? i want this girl's shoes, and all of that fabulous food from her shower! these photos are gorgeous.. perfectly documented as always, kristen :) 4.24.08 at 5:27PM

brooke wrote: What a FABULOUS idea for a bridal shower! Can I do mine all over again? : ) 4.16.08 at 12:50PM

Jamie wrote: What cute shoes! Looks like such a fancy wedding shower - you did a great job of capturing the moment. 4.9.08 at 3:00PM

Mike wrote: Those shots are amazing! You did a great job capturing an incredible event! 4.8.08 at 8:54PM

sara riordan wrote: What an adorable bride to be! I love the dress - very Charlotte from SATC. Exquisite shots of the table setting and food! 4.8.08 at 11:41AM

Neeley wrote: The shower looked beautiful and of course the Bride is a favorite of mine because we share the same unique name =) Great shots!!! 4.7.08 at 10:27AM