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Stoney creek engagement session: Jen & Josh


I had such a fun time photographing Jen and Josh’s engagement session. The pair is so sweet and down to earth, and I LOVE that they incorporated their sweet children into the shoot. Though it was a cold and breezy November evening, you would never know it from the photos. The kiddos tolerated the frigid temperatures so well. (Though, it MAY have been Jen and Josh’s promise of a Target trip that spurred their enthusiasm!) And, the two families blend so well to make one whole. The children simply adore one another- everyone gets along SO well.

Though we started with group photos, we made sure to set aside time to focus on Jen and Josh. The ease and happiness the two share is so very evident. Simply put, this is one amazing family, and I can’t wait to be a part of what I’m sure will be a fantastic event.

Congratulations to the six of them!

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Ann Arbor engagement session: Jordan & Josh


The pair chose the Law Quad at University of Michigan to hold their shoot, and the setting couldn’t have been more perfect. The gorgeous masonry, stunning archways, and picturesque courtyard made for a beautiful backdrop to their engagement photos.

And, two showed up dressed too impressed. Jordan’s stunning pink dress, and Josh’s suit coat and jeans ensured the couple looked perfectly coiffed in their images. They even brought a second round of outfits that were suited to less formal photos, rounding out a perfect portfolio of pictures!

Unbeknownst to us, it was homecoming weekend, making traffic in downtown Ann Arbor tough to navigate, and parking even more difficult. However, the couple took these hardships in stride, and their positive and upbeat attitude made them even more likable and sweet! The two are naturals in front of the camera, and the love they have for one another truly shined through to their images.

I am so excited for their wedding day next year, and can’t wait to get them in front of my camera again!

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Edsel & Eleanor Ford House engagement session: Summer & Michael


I adore all of my couples so very much and especially enjoy getting to know them at their engagement sessions. 
It’s a wonderful time to gauge how they photograph, and to see how well you work together with them. 
Sometimes, however, there is a special “spark” between photographer and subjects, and you just.. pun intended… “click”!  

This was how it was at Summer and Michael’s engagement session at the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House.  

Summer had a very unique vision for her photos, and was truly hoping for amazing poses that would lend an editorial feel to her photographs. I think we very much accomplished her goals, with most of the credit going to this amazing pair!

They came dressed to impress.  Summer looked gorgeous in her striking black gown and statement earrings, while Michael was positively dapper in his attire.  

Their wardrobe, coupled with an amazing setting, truly sparked my creativity.  We had so much fun exploring the grounds, and I am so excited for them to see the images from our time together.  

I feel blessed that this couple chose me as their wedding photographer, and am excited for their big day!

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stoney creek engagement session: Samantha & Terrance


I had such a great time at Samantha and Terrance’s engagement session! They are such a sweet and charming couple, and I couldn’t be happier that they chose me to photograph their upcoming nuptials!

When we were deciding on a location for their e-session, Samantha mentioned that she wanted to incorporate the couple’s pet- Lilo -into some of the photos. Anyone who knows me, KNOWS how much I adore dogs, and how much I love when my couples bring them to their photoshoots. So, imagine my glee when I saw the fluff that is Lilo. I think she was a bit put out that she wasn’t in more of the photos. However, she rocked all the shots that she was in! And, of course, so did Samantha and Terrance.

It is clear that the two are very much in love, and I am SO excited for their New Year’s Eve wedding. I just know it’s going to be amazing!

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Stoney creek engagement session: Laura & Mitchell


Laura and Mitchell are such a sweet and fun couple, and I had a fantastic time at their engagement session at Stony Creek Metro Park.  

This venue is particularly significant for the pair, as it’s where Mitchell proposed to Laura. When they told me this little detail, I just knew it would make the perfect backdrop for their photos!

I always push for my couples to take part in an engagement session with me. These shoots not only help me work on posing my couples and working out any “kinks”, but they also afford me the opportunity to get to know my brides and grooms better. After spending time with Laura and Mitchell I realized they are just the sweetest couple!

The pair are naturals in front of the camera. Their smiles are absolutely contagious, and their joy for life, and love they have for one another just shines!  

I am very much looking forward to their October wedding day!

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