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Meadow Brook hall wedding: Leah & Kevin

11.6.19 - weddings by Courtney

Leah and Kevin are truly one of the most genuine, sincere and loving couples around. This was not only obvious by the people they surround themselves but also in how they showed appreciation to their friends and family. Their gifts were the cutest. From the personalized tank tops and champagne glasses for the Ladies to parents gifts with super special sentiments written inside. So much happiness and excitement filled the getting ready rooms of the bridal party it as Leah and Kevin prepped for their first look together.

Meadowbrook Mansion provided the gorgeous backdrop for the days events. It was inevitable that Kevin and Leah had the biggest smiles on their faces as they spent their first moments together. They both looked fabulous. Leah was stunning in her gorgeous lace gown and cathedral length veil (yep, you bet we made it fly for a few pics) and Kevin ever so handsome in his suit and bow tie. I could have photographed this couple and their bridal party all day long but there was an important ceremony to get to and a party to be well, partied.

Leah and Kevin's ceremony was held in the Pegasus garden with cocktails directly following on the back patio. The reception was in the tent outside and decorated so elegantly. Gorgeous flowers gave the perfect amount of color to the white and gold tables. After a great dinner and much merriment Leah and Kevin opened the dance floor which was filled the rest of the night.

Thank you so much for allowing me to capture your special day. A smile never left my face the entire day. I wish you a lifetime of happiness.

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