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Crystal Gardens Wedding: Kim & Mike

11.18.19 - weddings by Courtney

Kim and Mike are such a sweet couple and their wedding day was nothing short of wonderful. I love when people take what they love and find unique ways to incorporate it into their wedding. For Kim that is all things Super Hero. From the subtleness of necklaces on the Ladies bouquets and Batman hidden on the backside of their cake to the super fun t-shirts hidden underneath the groomsmens dress shirts. Their cake, by the way, was seriously one of the best I've tasted (carrot cake) at a wedding! Shout out to Cakes by Stephanie for creating such deliciousness.

As Kim and Mike were getting ready for their special day it was abundantly clear how important family is to them. Once Kim was into her dress she had the sweetest first look with her son. Eyes got a little teary and you can see why. Kim looked so stunning and the two of them were so happy to be together on this happy day. Mike looked fabulous in his suit and tie. I always like the look of the white vest and tie. After a sweet ceremony at Crystal Gardens the happy couple and their bridal party braved the crisp fall air for some lovely photos in the gardens and it was time for the true celebration to begin. Beautifully written speeches, family style dinner and a dance floor packed with Super Heros rounded out such a lovely day.

Kim and Mike thank you so much for allowing us to capture your special day.
I think it is fitting to leave you with this:
"Bonds of love never make the wearer weaker - they give him greater strength!" - Wonder Woman

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