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Stoney creek engagement session: Jen & Josh

11.18.19 - engagements by Stephanie

I had such a fun time photographing Jen and Josh’s engagement session. The pair is so sweet and down to earth, and I LOVE that they incorporated their sweet children into the shoot. Though it was a cold and breezy November evening, you would never know it from the photos. The kiddos tolerated the frigid temperatures so well. (Though, it MAY have been Jen and Josh’s promise of a Target trip that spurred their enthusiasm!) And, the two families blend so well to make one whole. The children simply adore one another- everyone gets along SO well.

Though we started with group photos, we made sure to set aside time to focus on Jen and Josh. The ease and happiness the two share is so very evident. Simply put, this is one amazing family, and I can’t wait to be a part of what I’m sure will be a fantastic event.

Congratulations to the six of them!

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