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corporate headshots... kristen taylor style

1.21.10 - Portraits

I was recently asked by Realtor and very good friend of mine, Pam Truex, to shoot some headshots of her and her team of Realtors. While I shoot corporate headshots on occasion, I'll admit that it's not the most exciting part of my job because generally some suit in a corner office dictates that the headshots have to be very formal (or in other words, typical and boring).

But since I'm really good friends with Pam I had the audacity to tell her that, no we're not shooting your headshots against a backdrop, and no we're not shooting the team photo with one person in a chair and the others standing above. Her initial reaction was "but that's how every other Realtor does it", and then I told her that's exactly why we're NOT doing it! And then when I told her that they weren't even all going to be in the same photo for the team photo, she was totally confused. I told her to just trust me... and fortunately she did.

The corporate world cracks me up because it's so intent on doing things a certain way, I guess because someone seems to believe that's how it's supposed to be done because that's how everyone else does it. It's not unlike the way that so many photographers always shoot the bridal party by putting girls on one side, guys on the other, tallest to shortest (by the way, I NEVER do that). Why does it "have" to be like that? Why not do something different? What's so wrong with standing out a bit as long as it still looks really good? A message to the corporate world: it's good to stand out, it gets you noticed, it sells more products. If you're up for that challenge and need some team photos, call me. And if you need a Realtor, call Pam. She's awesome.

Anyway, here's the photo of Pam's team...

And here's how it looks in her fancy new website (which isn't up yet but will be soon!)...

And here are their individual headshots, which will also be on the website. I don't claim that these are the most wildly creative headshots I've ever done, but at least they're not against a backdrop!

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