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the vintage photo booth!

3.7.11 - Products

Photo booths are notoriously super fun... but unfortunately they can also be notoriously super cheesy. And since cheesy photos are SO not my thing, I have created a unique photo booth that is both fun AND super stylish!

The Vintage Photo Booth is not actually a booth... it is better! It is a 9 foot wide studio backdrop stand like the one below, which means that more people can fit into each photo without having to awkwardly squish into a booth! And it is not automatic, but rather it is operated by a real live photographer who will make sure that you look like a rockstar when the camera flashes. And, instead of just the little photo strips, it creates high-res files which you can print, frame, use in your album, etc., all of which match the vintage style of my post-processing, and all of which are viewable in the online gallery so that your guests can see not only their photos, but their friends' photos too! Rad, right?

So when it comes to the props, not only are they well-chosen so that they're STYLISH and COOL, but there's a mixture of fun things to wear (hats, glasses, hair flowers, etc.) AND fun things to do in the photos (shoot with a vintage camera, talk on a vintage phone, smoke a cigar while playing cards, drink a cup of tea, etc.). Below are the types of props for The Vintage Photo Booth (they are not necessarily the exact props since I haven't yet collected all of them, but you get the idea).

I am planning to buy one or two new backdrops! Help me choose from the following contenders by leaving a comment beneath this post with the number of your favorite backdrop!!

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